One of the best ways to improve your mobility, core strength and balance is through Yoga. Julie at the Yoga Station offers group classes or personal one to one yoga sessions for all levels.

The benefits of doing yoga are endless:

  • Improves your overall quality of life
  • Improves your short term memory and increases mental concentration
  • Increases your muscle strength, tone and flexibility
  • Helps boost your immune system
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Better mental focus and clarity
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Greater physical stamina and gives you more energy
  • Increased general productivity
  • Slows down the ageing process and helps to reduce body fat
  • Improved ability to deal with stress
  • Better digestive health
  • Yin yoga works the connective tissues leaving an overall sense of wellbeing

Learn about Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, relaxation, breathing techniques, slowing down, meditation and yoga philosophy with Julie at Yoga Station.
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To discuss a yoga programme or to book yoga sessions, call Julie on 0161 440 7150 or email

Speech Marks LI just wanted to express how happy I am with the results from attending your yoga classes. Last year I had an MRI scan on my back to show disc degeneration & a bulging disc – I was in a lot of discomfort both running & driving. I have been to Julie’s class only 6 times and the difference is amazing. I have much more flexibility in my back, I have much better balance and am generally less stressed. This has resulted in some excellent performances only 6 months later, with more to come I’m sure – and at 41 I’m no spring chicken. I started going to Julie’s core class about a year ago when I was struggling to run due to a weakness in my hip.Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LJulie’s sessions are always well prepared and enjoyed by the whole class – she makes you work hard but we always end up having a laugh as well.Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LI have attended Julie’s core class regularly for the past 2 years and find it really beneficial. She incorporates a range different activities each week that focus on strategic muscle groups and also includes drills and stretches in each session that I find particularly useful and easy to replicate at home.Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LMonday core classes have been a massive part in my rehab from a running related hip problem. Every week is slightly different, every week I discover muscles I’d forgotten I had and every week is fun. I’d definitely recommend Julie’s classes for rehab and ongoing core, strength and injury prevention.Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LI have been attending Julie’s core class regularly for about a year. I had assumed because I was a bit older that I was unlikely to see any improvements in my running. I had always trained hard and pushed myself in races but fatigue towards the end of races often seemed to stop me from achieving faster times. However, in my last marathon, a few months ago, I achieved a PB! I can only put this down to the strength which I built up through attending Julie’s core class. Julie somehow manages to combine the perfect balance of fun and encouragement which means that the classes are never boring but you always feel like you have worked really hard.Speech Marks R