Yoga for athletes uses stretching and strength-building poses. The breathing techniques used teaches the discipline of being present in the moment through physical postures. The focus on breathing helps increase oxygen intake and your ability to remain relaxed during competition.  Yoga for athletes also delivers a low-impact cross-training exercise for athletes who do the same sport or exercise routine year-round.

Julie completed the Yoga Alliance 80 hour Yoga for Athletes & Sport Accreditation in September 2017. This course is designed by Sarah Ramsden at, Sarah has worked with many professional footballers keeping them fit and injury free.

Julie also complete the Yin Yoga 30 hour Teacher Training with Sarah Lo in May 2018. Yin yoga and the long held posture can help balance and restore athletes’ energy. Yin yoga offers athletes the chance to find stillness in the heart, the mind and the body. The postures work on the connective tissue and fascia in the body leaving athletes at the end of the class feeling more relaxed, energised, stronger in mind and body.

Yoga Station’s classes cater for all athletes regardless of age or sport and there are some fantastic benefits:

  • Increases flexibility of the spine and joints to improve balance
  • Improves your athletic performance, enhances stamina and physical endurance
  • Strengthens muscles and increases core stability and flexibility
  • Flushes out toxins that build up in muscle tissue during endurance activities
  • Helps speed recovery and avoid injury

Yoga gives you the power to better understand your body as you learn where you are strong or weak, tight or flexible.  By correcting your body you can improve your performance. For more pre-yoga information and frequently asked questions click here.

To discuss a yoga programme or to book yoga sessions, call Julie on 0161 440 7150 or email

Speech Marks LI’ve been attending Julie’s classes for a couple of years. I look forward to them every week as they are varied and fun. Julie is very much interested in injury prevention for athletes, her classes include various exercises to build strength for a full body workout. I’ve been feeling much stronger in training runs and races as a result of Julie’s classes.Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LJulie introduced me to yoga, her classes include balance, posture, yoga strength moves and stretches to benefit runners of all abilities in her classes.Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LJulie’s strength moves and exercises, along with her in-depth knowledge and workouts have enabled me not only to carry on with my running but to see an amazing improvement. I now run without any pain from my hip and I truly believe this is from Julie’s expertise and help that she gives to us all in her core class. I would recommend her classes to everyone. Thank you Julie. Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LAfter entering my first Marathon, I decided to add a core class run by Julie to my training plan. I have been doing a Monday evening class for around 12 weeks, which I have found extremely beneficial to both the Marathon training and my running in general. Julie runs great classes which are different each week. I would highly recommend Julie’s core classes for all levels of runners.Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LJulie obviously puts a lot in to preparing the classes as every week is different, every week there is something new. The classes are always fun and a great opportunity to set aside your problems for an hour, unwind and come out on a physical and mental high.Speech Marks R

Speech Marks LAs a man I wasn’t sure if this yoga class was for me. However, it definitely is and Julie’s pace, patience and style is reassuring for me as a beginner.Speech Marks R