Sun Salutations

Sun salutations stretch and strengthen every muscle in the body top to toe – starting in mountain at the foot of your mat

Full and aware abdominal breathing increases lung capacity – Breathe in to lengthen, breathe out draw navel to spine – not only increases lung capacity, sends oxygen and energy around the entire body, nourishes all the tiny cells in the body – try deep breathing right into and out of the belly and chest – see how it energises you in a race or during training

Calm the mind, focus the mind, be in the zone – the same effect you want at the start of a race, during a race, during training.

  • Body awareness
  • Mountain pose – brings awareness to posture, stretch up, lifts chest, stretches entire body
  • Forward fold, lengthens hamstrings
  • Step back to lunge, open the hips, stretch the glutes, strengthens the thighs
  • Step back to plank – core control, strengthens shoulders
  • Release to cobra – opens chest, great for posture, back and glute strengthening
  • Downward dog, stretch the entire backside of the body – inversions are good for the heart, bring oxygen to the heart, bring bloodflow to the head
  • Lunge – opens the hips, stretch the glutes, strengthens the thighs
  • Forward fold – lengthens hamstrings
  • Mountain  – postural and body awareness