This is a short mindfulness of breath meditation for busy people. Adapted from Dan Harris’s Book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.

This meditation takes about 2 minutes and can be done anywhere, seated on the floor or on a chair,  in the car park before or after work, lying in bed before sleep or in the morning before getting out of bed, this breathing meditation can be done anywhere, try it with all of the instances above and see which one you prefer.

With eyes open or closed start by taking some deep breaths.

Inhale and breathe out. On the next inhale as you exhale make the out breath nice and long, see if you can let it be a release, a softening of the whole body. Take a few deep breaths like that, maybe pausing or holding between each in breath and out breath. As you breathe out, imagine you are breathing out whatever concern or worries you may have.

Next we are going to count the breaths to ten. Counting breaths helps us to shift our attention from thinking to breathing. So count the breaths like this – Inhale 1, breathe out, Inhale 2, breathe out and so on until you reach ten. When you reach ten notice how calm and relaxed your mind and body feels.

Doing this during your day is part of my mantra “little and often”. It helps me to build a habit of being mindful and meditating little and often. It’s the same as if we were starting a new hobby or exercise regime, it needs to be little and often for us to enjoy it and stick at it. Training our muscles, we can train our brains. Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation helps to reduce the ageing brain. Just a few minutes of mindfulness a day shows improved concentration and focus.

Meditation is like a bicep curl for your brain. Train your brain to be smarter, you’ll be less anxious, sleep better, more focused, productive and creative.