Pre-Yoga Information

What to wear for yoga?

Loose clothing, e.g. jogging bottoms/leggings/shorts and T-shirt or similar. Something that won’t restrict movement. No need for expensive foot wear, we practice in bare feet.

How often do I need to attend a yoga class?

It’s up to you. It depends on how much time you have, how committed you are and how quickly you want to the feel the benefits. Most people come to a class once a week, some more often, some less often. You can also practise what you have learned in class at home.

Do I need yoga equipment?

The main thing is a yoga mat. If you don’t have one I can bring one for you for your first lesson. If you decide you’re going to keep it up after that you’ll probably prefer to get your own mat.

Food and water before yoga?

Allow at least 2-3 hours before class after a light meal and 3-4 hours after a heavy meal. It’s advisable to drink plenty of water after a class.

What to expect in a yoga class?

If you’re new to yoga don’t worry. You won’t be asked or pushed to do anything you can’t do or that you find too difficult. Hatha yoga is done carefully to avoid injury. In YogaStation classes you will mainly do stretching exercises, relaxation and some basic Pranayama (yogic breathing). You decide how far you want to stretch and what your limits are.  YogaStation classes are mainly standing postures, balance postures such as tree, seated forward bends, some basic twists and relaxation. My classes are well organised and structured, but open, relaxed and friendly. Yoga is about enjoyment as well.