On August 1st I started a challenge for my runners at Bramhall Runners and Stockport Harriers. 3 minutes of 3 yoga poses of their choice plus 60 seconds each core exercises such as slow bicycles, side plank and pressups.

After experimentation and feedback, it’s been noted 3 minutes in some of the yoga poses is too tough!

So try this 21 day challenge, surveys state that it takes 21 days to make a habit, start a good habit today!

Our bodies are meant to move and they feel good when they move!

Here’s some images of hatha yoga poses, I’ve amended the challenge slightly to be – 9 minutes in total of various yoga poses. So you could try 1 minute of each. If you’re worn out and feeling jaded 3 minutes in corpse (Savasana) or legs up the wall (Great Rejuvenator) is very nice. Don’t worry if the poses aren’t perfect, keep practising!

Yoga Poses For All

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