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Yoga Station offers yoga to suit all ages and levels.
Group classes are held in Bramhall.
Julie is a specialist yoga teacher, completing courses in Hatha, Sports and Yin Yoga.

Twenty Reasons To Do Yoga

Yoga results are not immediate, doing yoga requires patience, consistency and determination, stick at it and you will reap the benefits.

Julie’s 21 Day Challenge

Our bodies are meant to move and they feel good when they move.  Try this 21 day challenge.  It takes 21 days to make a habit, start a good habit today.

Start A Home Practise

Start today with ten minutes, here’s a list of yoga postures. You could have a goal to start with 3 postures a day.

I've been attending Julie's classes for a couple of years. I look forward to them every week as they are varied and fun. Julie is very much interested in injury prevention for athletes, her classes include various exercises to build strength for a full body workout. I've been feeling much stronger in training runs and races as a result of Julie's classes.

I just wanted to express how happy I am with the results from attending your yoga classes. Last year I had an MRI scan on my back to show disc degeneration & a bulging disc - I was in a lot of discomfort both running & driving. I have been to Julie’s class only 6 times and the difference is amazing. I have much more flexibility in my back, I have much better balance and am generally less stressed. This has resulted in some excellent performances only 6 months later, with more to come I'm sure - and at 41 I'm no spring chicken.

Julie introduced me to yoga, her classes include balance, posture, yoga strength moves and stretches to benefit runners of all abilities in her classes.

I have attended Julie’s core class regularly for the past 2 years and find it really beneficial. She incorporates a range different activities each week that focus on strategic muscle groups and also includes drills and stretches in each session that I find particularly useful and easy to replicate at home.

Julie's strength moves and exercises, along with her in-depth knowledge and workouts have enabled me not only to carry on with my running but to see an amazing improvement. I now run without any pain from my hip and I truly believe this is from Julie's expertise and help that she gives to us all in her core class. I would recommend her classes to everyone. Thank you Julie.

Julie’s sessions are always well prepared and enjoyed by the whole class - she makes you work hard but we always end up having a laugh as well.

As a person who regularly attends Julie’s core strength class, I find that the exercises and yoga stretches have helped me become a fitter, stronger person and as a result my running and swimming are improving all the time. Julie is a true professional whose classes I recommend to everyone who wants to improve their fitness.

Since I started attending Julie's Tuesday yoga class, I can see a definite improvement in my balance, posture and suppleness. I find the classes very enjoyable, always leaving me relaxed but energised.